RT Conference

Day One – RT Conference
This is my second full day at the Romantic Times Conference in Chicago, but I’m going to back-track a bit. We arrived on Tuesday and the afternoon started out somewhat rough. We won’t get into the security delay or my carry-on being stored at the back of the plane while I was near the front. Instead, I’ll just say that I made it to O’Hare safe and sound. Off the plane with carry-ons in place, I got my exercise trekking from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 to meet my co-writers coming in from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Good news, I had the right gate. Bad news, we walked back and forth trying to find their luggage in baggage (different terminal than what they arrived in) and then finding the shuttles going to the hotel. I got my exercise in for the day. Yahoo!!

We settled into the hotel after three security guys came to our room to help with our safe. We’ll blame it somewhat on the computers being crammed into the tiny space and a lot on the low battery that triggers the lock. The security men at the Hyatt are very nice.

We went to bed early – hoping for a better day on Wednesday….to be continued.


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