RT Convention

Day Two and Three
I love this conference. I am meeting so many interesting and great people at the RT Conference that it’s overwhelming. I have meet readers, librarians, authors, editors, agents, volunteers, male models, copy editors, and Hyatt security.

I decided to attend this conference on the spur of the moment. I checked out the RT website and saw that they scheduled e-publishing sessions for those wanting to self-publish. When Tina, my writer friend, decided to attend that confirmed I was going. I had a roomie. Then I read about the American Idol Writing Competition. On a whim, I decided to sign up for it.

At the conference, I attended the sessions on e-publishing and those were well worth the trip. I took lots of notes. I participated in the American Idol Writing Competition yesterday and today. I didn’t win the competition (a year contract with Nicole at Seymour Agency), but that’s okay. I received two requests to see my full manuscript and one partial. I am sooooo glad I decided to attend. And I thank Tina for her support throughout the competition. Lesson learned: Listen to your instincts and go with your whims.


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