Lesson Learned: Worry Means Caring

Last night I thought about my kids and my parents and how I worry about them. I don’t think that will every end. Is it bad? I’d say no. I think it means that your life is blessed with having your heart filled with love.

Right now, I’m in the middle ground. I have my grown children and I have my aging parents that I keep under my wing of worry.  For my son, he’s sick right now. I want to make sure he’s taking his medicine and getting enough sleep. For my daughter, I worry when she’s out at night. I don’t want her stranded or alone when she needs help. I then think of my mom. She’ll be 80 years old. She had a massive stroke over a year ago. Sometimes she can’t comprehend unless it’s in her daily routine. My dad is in the hospital right now with pneumonia. He is getting better, but I worry about his health. I’m in the middle ground. I’ve come to understand that the cycle continues. As my parents had worried about me before, I now worry about them. My kids will be in the middle ground when I grow old. As a mother, I understand both. I’ve learned to know that caring never ends even if it’s in the form of worry. I can accept that.


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