Lesson Learned: We have one circle

As my brother-in-law Dean said during my vacation last week in California, we’re all part of a circle, and we have to make the most of it. I thought about what he said, and I do agree with him.

The circle starts with life and ends at death. What I do to form the circle is up to me. The circle may be short or long. I need to make sure that no matter if big or small, I can say that my circle is filled with meaning.

What is meaning? Anything that will make me happy as a person. Meaning is not ranked by status – power or money. I need to step back and think about how I want to live. What do I want to see or do before the circle completes? The great thing is that I can have more than one segment of line. I can stretch out the line. Concentrate on one or two segments. Move to the next. Think of more. Keep going.

During my late teens, I wanted to move to Colorado. I did that after graduating. In my twenties, I wanted two children and was blessed with a beautiful son and daughter. As a bonus, I married a wonderful man, and I have a step-daughter who’s been part of my life now for over 17 years. Part of my circle was all about raising a family. They’ve made my life.

Now I’m on the verge of 50. I’ve thought about my next features in life. Writing is one of them. I have always had a piece of paper and pen in my hand since I was little. I’ve written and published poems. I learned the art of writing. I wrote two manuscripts – one ready for publishing. My next step is to publish that manuscript. And then, the next. Retirement is also on the horizon. I visualize myself RVing with my husband and my family. I visualize writing with nature surrounding me.

Thinking of this circle, I have a new surge on life – excited for what’s to come. I’m looking forward to the challenge. What’s great is that raising my children has already put a smile on my face. Now I’m hoping for a bigger smile that radiates so when the circle ends, I can look at myself and know I’ve enjoyed my time on earth.

One thought on “Lesson Learned: We have one circle

  1. Pam says:

    Every now and then Dean comes up with a gem! This is a very moving and timely post for us. With Dean accepting early retirement, it looks like the RV adventure is about to begin. Can’t wait for you and Mike to join us.

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