Little bits of time to unwind…

Last week was busy. Besides work and daily chores, my husband and I saw the Blue Man Group (awesome), went to a couple of after work events, celebrated his birthday, took my folks to the casino, and went to a benefit. The good news is that I wasn’t overwhelmed (of course, fun stuff makes it easier).

I wasn’t overwhelmed because each day I try giving myself time to unwind. On the weekend, I will sit out on the porch with my husband, and we’ll enjoy a cup of coffee. Our house faces the neighborhood park. We take in the trees and the birds hopping (yes, hopping) from one place to another. My husband curses when seeing the chipmunks bop their heads over the grass. We also wave to neighbors who are out for their morning job or walking their dog.

Mornings on the porch allows me to gather my thoughts and prepare for the day. I do the same on the weekdays, only it’s Qi Gong. I practice breathing and strengthening my body. I’m amazed by how many times my bones crack during my routine!

During the day or evening, I also sit for a few minutes (okay, sometimes it ends up being a nap and then sitting) to remove the noise in my head. I empty bad thoughts, worry, fear, and things that I have to do. I concentrate on the good. As I sit, I’ll watch a leaf flutter in the tree and take note on how it shimmers in the sunlight. I’ll watch the blades of the ceiling fan slowly circle around the center light and feel the gentle breeze against the warm air of the room. I think of the movie “Casablanca”. I then think of creating a great story, bringing new characters to life.

These little moments of unwind help me take a step back from chaos to remember the details that I may otherwise miss. They help me to stop before I forget about being in the present. I recharge which in turn opens my creativity for what I like to do the most….and that’s to write.


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