Publishing – Now versus Later

The internet created the NOW effect. The concept of multiple screens, wireless, and streaming still amazes me. What was once a dream is NOW a permanent fixture in our lives. Within seconds we’re able to communicate with family, friends, and strangers. We can research topics, watch videos, and take classes. For me, I love what it has done for the writing world.

After completing my first manuscript, back a few years, the only option available for an aspiring author was to submit query after query to agents and editors. Mainly agents. Most publishing houses were ‘agent only’ submissions. There were vanity presses hovering for your business, but those were frowned upon. Today, self-publishing is not the ‘bad’ word it used to be. And E-publishing tops the ‘in’ chart.

With my current manuscript completed, I’m ready to publish. I went to the RT Convention to learn about self-publishing (see my blogs under Conferences/Retreats). I teetered on going the traditional route versus self-publishing. I had two agents and a publisher request my manuscript. I submitted the fulls and the partial with ‘Requested Submission’ in the subject line. I haven’t heard back. I know I should have sent a follow-up email, but I wasn’t sure if that was the route I wanted to take. When I submitted, I thought I’d play the wait and see game. But then I thought…why should I wait until LATER? Get feet wet. Go for e-publishing.

The deciding factor for me was the WisRWA conference that I attended in June. I discovered that more and more authors are turning to e-publishing. Some want their books published sooner than LATER. Some have written manuscripts that do not fit the genre they write in. Some want to publish their out-of-print books, making them available to their readers. Whatever the reason, they understand that life includes the internet and that is a powerful tool.

One book can take a year to publish through the traditional route (agent/publishing house). For some, it can take longer based on need and schedules. E-published books can take a few days to a few months (based on size and quality). Now, mind you, I’m not ripping on the publishers. I think they are a great way to go…if you have the patience to wait. Actually, I’m thinking more and more that publishing houses are like fishermen. They wait and see which e-books are successful and then hook the sale for traditional print. LATER I may have the opportunity to publish traditionally, but NOW the internet offers a great opportunity that can’t be ignored.

And guess what…NOW I’m excited.


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