Have Fun!

Previously I wrote about life getting too busy and how at times you can forget to breathe. This is the same with having a good time. My husband and I have been constantly on the go for the last….okay, way too many weeks to count. Spring disappeared. June came and went. Soon the 4th of July waved to us like a breeze passing by. When you’re constantly on the go, you forget to stop and have some good fun, just like taking the time to unwind.

For Mike and me, our fun came last Friday. We went to our friend’s annual birthday “party barge” event. Each year we get together for Colleen’s birthday, hang out on Tommy’s pontoon boat, and have plenty of snacks, drinks, and music. It’s like heaven: listening to Van Morrison or Johnny Cash, watching the water roll from the boat, the shoreline drift by, and the bridge graze above us as we cross under the highway. Normally we boat across three connecting lakes, maybe stop to swim, and do pick-ups for those who can’t take the afternoon off from work. This year, we had a smaller crew. Instead of the normal ten, we started with five. We also kept our adventure to the first lake, closest to Tommy’s dock. He was having issues with his boat, leaving him stranded a few times already that year while on the lake. We had no problem anchoring the boat and just chilling that hot afternoon. Remember, sometimes little faults can steer you in a better direction. Maybe this year we needed that smaller group to reconnect with ourselves.

Splish-splash in the water we go. Two on floaties and the rest with life jackets, we gathered in the water to relax and float. We were like little kids. What fun to kick up your legs, run your arms through the water, and let the sun shine on your face. We didn’t care when Tommy left the four of us in the middle of the lake to go pick up the late-comer. We joked and talked about everything from the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James to the clouds hanging in the sky (also turning gray).

We had no worries or cares for the day. It didn’t matter that our ages ranged from 49 to 55 or that we looked like drowned rats. We sure felt good as age disappeared into youth. Our smiles grew, we laughed a lot, and had much needed fun.

Happy 50th Birthday, Colleen!


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