Lesson Learned: Let Fate Work for You

I love it when events fall into place without effort. When this happens, I believe it’s meant to be.

For example, yesterday my family was able to go up to our friends’ cabin. We met our friends through scouting. Jeff was a leader, Sue handled the wreath fundraiser, and I was the treasurer. Our sons, the same age, became friends and received their Eagle Scout honor approximately one month apart. Today, we still get together to confirm the bond we built through the scouting program; however, it’s difficult to get together with our busy lifestyles. This year, on a fluke, Jeff called last week and invited us up to their cabin. With Hans, my son, being home for a visit, this worked out great. Brian, their son who works weekends, was able to go up as well. Hans was able to hang out with his friend and go boating (something he wanted to do while he was home). We had a great time.

On other occurrences, fate helps us make the right decision. This happened when my husband and I tried to sell our house. The market turned downward, along with prices. We had the house up for sale three times. The first time, we had a minimal amount of potential buyers. On the second round, we found a twin home that we liked, and it was in the same school district as the current house. We made an offer to buy and that deal fell through. On the third try, we finally got it right. The minute we walked into our current home, we knew it was meant to be. The builders accepted our offer, contingent on us selling. We put our house up for sale, and we sold within a few months. Everything came together – we just had to wait for all the pieces to fall into place. Five years later, we still love our house. We don’t think we would’ve been as happy in the twin home, the place where the deal fell through.

And then fate has to tell us we messed up with our choice and redirects us. For me, I took a job as a manager trainee for a large discount chain. Nothing went right from the interview on. I didn’t know which store I would work in until two days before I started (which I then found out wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods). I wasn’t told that I was required to work a minimum of 48 hours per week (they made it sound as if the extra time was overtime). And I found out later that I’d have to work every day from October to the end of December for the holiday season – no time off (which is not a good situation being a single parent). I was so overwhelmed and I didn’t know how to change it. One night after close, I was assaulted in the parking lot. A mugger stole my purse. The store wanted me to work the next day. Yes, they felt sorry for me, but they didn’t have anyone to work my shift. I worked. I also gave my two-week notice. I did not have another job planned out. I left it up to fate to guide me. Even though I wouldn’t want to go through that same situation again, I did learn. I took a temporary government job which turned into a permanent job for another agency. The job was better pay with benefits.

Some call fate as God, luck, the stars, angels. I can agree with all. But now I’m just saying that I let fate work for me and it’s never failed.


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