Last week, my long-time friend’s mother passed away. She took her last breath with family gathered around. She left this world in great spirits even as her body failed her.

Irene is a woman that I will always admire and remember. She was positive and took care of her family. She always had a smile and was a fun spirit too. In her seventies, she put on a pair of her teenage granddaughter’s jeans  and strutted them around the house during one of the many parties we both attended. That same granddaughter also took her out one night to toilet paper the neighborhood since her grandmother had never done it before. I wasn’t there for that one, but I heard she had a lot of fun.

At 84, she was ready to go and be with her husband who died many years ago. She gave what she could to this live and was ready for her next adventure. Here’s to Irene.


One thought on “Irene

  1. Dan Ferrise says:

    Thanks for remembering my mom Beth, she was, is and always will be he best mom ever.

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