Lesson Learned: Stay Organized

For the last few months my home office turned into a storage bin. It was easier to stockpile the assortment of papers on top of the desk and file cabinet than put them away where they belong. I also had receipts stacked in a cubby, waiting for me to enter into my checkbook, and torn out pieces of paper with websites listed for me to review.

My desk and cabinet weren’t the only storage-pile places in my office. The floor worked as well. I brought home documents from my old job that I set in the corner of the room. The pile waited for me to go through to see what was important to keep or not. My self-publishing information was kept in a separate pile and some notes for my next manuscript idea in another. I had pictures and frames waiting to be put together and then hung up on the walls.

Thursday night, I stood in the middle of my office and cringed at the mess. No wonder why I felt so scattered. I don’t like being disorganized, and I know that it affects me. I need to have my ‘stuff’ in order to feel good. That night, I knew I had to do something about it and took the first opportunity possible.

I dedicated most of the day on Saturday to organize. I went through the papers on my desk, put away most of the stuff that had been piled around the room, and I hung up the pictures on the wall. I even got out the drill to put up the whiteboard. Afterwards when I saw how nice my office looked, I wondered why it took me so long to clean the mess in the first place. And, I wondered why I let it get out of hand.

If you’re always busy like me, it’s easy to drop the statement or the letter on your desk. You can read and file later. You know where to find the information if needed. You know your little piles, what each one represents so no worries. Ha! How many times has that happened?

Even if it’s overwhelming, just take the task step by step. Set aside the time to figure out where the different pieces of paper need to go: recycle bin, shred, or file. Sort through the stacks, find the top of your desk, do some filing, and finish decorating the walls or shelves. When you do, you’ll feel better. You may even be surprised at what you find. For me, it was the recipe for my son’s EOD (End of Day) shot – four types of layered booze that their team in Korea created. I wanted to make the shot for my sisters when they were over for the day; however, I couldn’t find the little blue piece of paper that I wrote the recipe on. Now I filed it.

And I admit, I still have some organizing to do, I’m not quite finished. I started a new pile last night that’s waiting for me to file. I’m making it my next task once I’m finished with this blog.

Yep, gotta go!



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