For Those Who Serve

People sign up to join the United States Military for different reasons. Some know at an early age that they want to join and what they want to do. If a dad or mom is in the military, their child may decide that’s the route they want to take as well. Some know they want to join after learning in school about the history of war or hearing someone talk about their experiences in the service. Others have been forced to join (remember the draft?), while others join as an escape or to get their life in order. Some may join to learn a special skill or to help pay for college.

Whatever the reason, these men and women have taken an oath to serve our country. They have stepped up to the plate to defend our rights, our freedoms, our land, and our people. They take pride in what they do, they take the pain and will suffer if necessary. They also form bonds with their comrades. A bond that I noticed is pretty strong.

No matter the person, the reason, the branch, or the duration of their service, these individuals deserve to be honored – yesterday, today, and tomorrow. To those currently serving and to those who served in the past…

Thank you.


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