Steps to ePublishing

This month is a heavy hitter for me in terms of getting my novel ready for publishing by the middle of March. I have a white board posted in my office with the following February tasks:

Week 1
Take author photos
Complete final edits

Week 2
Size cover photo and author photo
Format document to all eReader formats
Add cover, front and back pages, and author bio to document

Week 3
Scan the documents for a final quick read to make sure everything looks good
Order promotional materials

Week 4
Write book blurb
Finish what I hadn’t completed in the first three weeks.

I’m not sure if this will be a heavy load or not, but we’ll soon find out. I think back to the past year when I first started the process to publish my manuscript. In April, I wasn’t sure the route I would take, either solicit to agents or ePublish. I leaned toward ePublish and that’s why I went to the RT Booklover’s Convention in April, 2012, to learn more about it. I think I was overwhelmed because a little bird sat on my shoulder and pushed me in the direction of trying for an agent.

By June, a wise old owl swished that little bird off my shoulder and stamped “ePublish” into my forehead. I decided my goal was to publish by the end of the year. However, the first editor that I hired didn’t work out and caused a delay. In September I was extremely happy to find my new editor, and her first availability time to copy and content edit was in December. Her second and final round of reviews ended last month. Last month I also bought my ISBN numbers and created my cover.

I’m probably taken longer than the average new author to get her book out to the public, but I want to make sure that the final product is professional and polished as if printed by a distinguished publishing house. Next book will be a little easier.

And tonight, I introduce to you the cover to my novel Gitana – Life Plan.



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