Lessons Learned: Not Getting It Together

Today is one of those days where I’m having a hard time expressing my thoughts on paper. I have a few different topics that I can write about, but the words aren’t coming out on the post like they should. Parts of the last sentence I just wrote was deleted and then rewritten again. Three times. Okay, now I went back up and changed the first sentence. Ugh!!!

When I write my blog, I usually create a first draft on paper, type it to a Word document, and then copy and paste to the post. Usually it flows pretty smooth; however, tonight I’m typing as I go since my normal routine isn’t working. I’m still having a hard time thinking and writing at the same time. I’m not sure why – maybe it’s because last week was super busy at work with presentations, meetings, and RFPs. At home, I finished an on-line six-week class from the local university (which included a final test), visited my folks to bring them groceries and dispense their pills, and I worked on taxes. And to mention, I went to a fun 50th birthday party for my friend Dan. Another one of us has joined the 50 Club. 🙂 We also celebrated Stuart’s birthday at a local restaurant. Happy birthday to both!

I guess my ramblings for tonight is a hint for me to keep this short. Until next week…let’s hope my brain is back. Happy Monday!


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