Lesson Learned: Good-byes open doors.

The first chapter or lesson learned in my novel Gitana – Life Plan is how good-byes can open doors. For my main character Gitana, she has to start over after her ex, a doctor, divorces her for his pregnant mistress. The divorce is especially difficult on her because she had tried to get pregnant throughout their marriage but failed. She thought he would understand and be supportive. Not the case. She lost her friends, status, and identify when he kicked her out.

Good-byes can be tough, but they also allow you to walk a new path. The good news for Gitana is that the divorce forced her to start over. She wasn’t willing at first, being lost in the shuffle of pity and hurt. But then doors opened and she learned about herself and others.

This is true when good-byes occur in your life as well. It doesn’t matter if a friend moves away, your last child leaves the nest, or you lose your job. The outcome may be a crisis or it could be a welcome change. You may need to say good-bye when you’re tired of where you live, tired of your boyfriend, or need a new job. You search for the change.

What’s important is to stay optimistic, even if the good-bye is forced upon you. Make the experience a positive one or at least capture what you’ve learned from the event. You may not see the benefit or the opportunity right away, but you’ll understand later on as to why it happened. And if the change is making you walk a wrong path, set off on a new one. Don’t look back at the could’ve, should’ve, would’ve party. Instead, look to the future. Take chances. Good-byes are inevitable. It’s your decision on how you move forward. Opened doors are good to walk through.


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