RT Convention Update

I can’t believe that this is our last full day at the RT Convention. I have been enjoying the people, the sessions, and the social events that bring us all together. For me, this is the place to connect.

For the sessions, I focused on marketing and promotion. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels overwhelmed by all the marketing that can be done and should be done. I will be busy when I get home. In one of yesterday’s sessions, I sat next to Larry Kirshbaum who runs Amazon Publishing. He reminded me of my husband’s uncle, a happy-go-lucky guy who liked to hum. In the session that followed, I sat behind Larry this time. A big surprise was seeing in the session author E.L. James of Fifty Shades fame. How cool that she came to attend the convention.

For people meeting, I sat in the lobby after being overwhelmed with marketing ideas. It didn’t take long before a reader sat in the chair next to me. We began to talk. She came with her daughter and had to sit to rest her worn feet. We had a greet conversation about family, the convention, books, and where we live. Another author, Lina Gardiner, came and sat with us. She invited us up to their suite for an erotica party on Saturday night. Next to sit with us was Laura Kinsale. She’s working on audio books and was excited about the narrator she found. She had us listen to a short reading. The guy has a great voice.

For social events, I attended the formal ball, Heather Graham’s party, the Red Slipper Avon event, the Indie Expo, and other gatherings that were equally as fun. I loved getting new books to read, enjoying the food and drinks, and participating in the games. All events usually start with waiting in line to get in. Some people hate lines, but I enjoy them. It gives me a chance to meet new readers, authors, bookstore owners, and librarians.

For today, it’s the big Book Expo, Jade Lee’s 50th Birthday Bash, Carina Press’s cocktail party, and Harlequin’s dance party. I’m ready to go.


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