Lesson Learned: The Wait was Worth It.

For approximately 30 years I’ve kept a bottle of Brolio, Chianti Classico, perched somewhere in my house. It’s been in my wine collection as I’ve moved from place to place with every other wine in my collection long gone and replenished. This one Brolio stayed intact and had a mission. When I bought it, I decided that I wasn’t going to uncork the bottle until I was a published author. Saturday night I opened the bottle.

I wanted my sister Pam and her husband Dean to be part of the uncorking so I had to wait a few months until they arrived from California. They’ve known about my Brolio from the very beginning. Even my husband and kids knew not to touch the wine as it waited in a cupboard or wine rack throughout the years.

Brolio 2013

That night, as we gathered around the counter for the uncorking, we were skeptical about how the wine would taste. Chianti doesn’t have a thirty year shelf life. Dean poured the wine into our glasses while Mike used a sifter to separate the disintegrated cork from the liquid. My husband was the first to take a sip. He’s the brave one. He survived it so we followed. The wine wasn’t bad, just past it’s prime. The significance of uncorking the bottle meant more than drinking the wine. I was thrilled to finally tap the bottle with my eBook Gitana – Life Plan published.

The wait was worth it even though the uncorking took less than ten minutes. We decided to continue the celebration with a drive to Vino in the Valley, a semi-outdoor restaurant and one of Wisconsin’s best places to dine. We drank plenty of wine (and beer) at Vino to make up for the little sip at home.

Pam, Me, Mike at Vino in the Valley

Pam, Me, Mike at Vino in the Valley

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