Lessons Learned: Laugh, Love, Play

At least one a day, remember to…

Not smile – but laugh. Read a funny cartoon or post on the internet, watch a YouTube video by your favor comedian, read a few jokes from a joke book, or simply people watch (this one can be very amusing). The best way to laugh is when you share with someone you love.

Colleens Party July 2013 Laugh

Let someone know that you love him or her. Be direct and say “I love you.” Or, you can show the person in a smile, a hug, or by helping them out. Better yet, make them laugh and share the moment of joy.

Sacramento Santa Cruz Love

At least once a day take time to play. Even if it means a conversation with friends, reading what you want to read (not school or work related), be amused in a game of cards, or celebrating with friends.

Beth's 50th Party Play

Now is the time.


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