Lesson Learned: All in Due Time

My daughter is ready to have her baby. Now. Her due date was yesterday. She’s been living with us since the middle of July so she can have her regular doctor deliver the baby instead of a new doctor “up north” where she’s recently moved. For her, the hard part is living out of a suitcase instead of getting nestled into her new place with her fiancé. She’s been in limbo without anything to keep her busy. She’s finished college (taking five classes last semester to graduate) and she’s not working (until after the baby is born). The extreme heat doesn’t help either. I see the frustration in her eyes and can relate.

I remember what it was like to wait. I was two weeks late with my first child, and I was in tears when the days went by with no sign of labor. In the last month, you get to the point where you are just “done” with it all. You’re done with being pregnant. You can’t wait to see the baby, you want to get on with your life, you want your body back to normal, and for labor to be done (especially knowing the pain involved).
My only advice is to say, “All in due time.” Whether you’re waiting for a week or a month (two weeks before and or two weeks after your due date), the baby will come. Waiting is a natural part of childbirth and most mothers-to-be go through it.

My thought, this may be God’s way of teaching you the first skill of parenthood: Patience. Trust me; you’ll need it when raising your child.

And remember, it’s all worth it.
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Character Rex Victor – In his words

How does it feel to be a favorite character in Gitana’s story?

Rex: Am I really? (smiles and blushes) I don’t know what to say. I’m flattered.

How do you like being Cade’s assistant?

Rex: I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s my guy, you know. He takes me for what I am. I can run his schedule and galleries better than any straight man around. And, I know his secrets.

What was your first impression of Gitana when she walked into Gallery One?

Rex: Smashing (laugh). She had a little issue with the door. You know, that whole push-pull thing. After that, I hung on her like a magnet. She wasn’t like Cade’s other dates who stormed in as if they owned the gallery and me. She had the eye for art and showed her appreciation for it. Of course, giving me Cade’s jacket and telling me she washed most the blood off had me curious.

Why’d you give her the nickname Wild Child?

Rex: She had a bit of a lost look to her. Or maybe it was those dark eyes and tousled black hair.

And she called you Devil Man.

Rex: (broad grin). She knew my hang-style and what I wanted. She knew I was delectable trouble.

What do you wish the author would have included in the story?

Rex: A chapter full of sex with me in it. But you know, it wasn’t my story. I’d have tickled fun and lots of sunshine if you wrote about my love scenes.

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Character: Gitana Sothers – In her words

Looking back to the events that occurred, how do you feel?

Gitana: I never expected my life to take so many turns after my divorce from John. People ask me why I had put up with him for so long. Dr. GQ. (She shakes her head.) Never would I have thought he’d be so unethical. Really. A doctor? What happened to the oath? The trust? In retrospect, him leaving me for another woman was the best thing that could have happened to me.

She was pregnant as well.

Gitana: Yes. She was.

How did that make you feel?

Gitana: At the time? I was devastated. We tried having a baby, John and I, for years. I couldn’t get pregnant. No matter how or what we tried. You talk about low self-esteem and humility. I was embarrassed for myself and for John. His family expected me to produce a child. They have a long string of doctors on their side of the family. I think…five or six generations. I was the one who prevented the string to continue.

Until his girlfriend came along.

Gitana: Yes. Trish. His mistress turned wife. They married within days of our divorce being final. A lot of good that did them.

Do you think he had other affairs during your marriage?

Gitana: I’m sure of it. (Long pause.) I didn’t see the signs, of course. I didn’t think someone who loved me would be so callous.

And now? Do you think Dr. Sothers got what he deserved?

Gitana: Yes. John got what he deserved. At first, I didn’t. I never wanted to destroy his life; I only wanted the truth and for it to be acknowledged. He got what he deserved. I only had a small part in it. Really. Only a small part. His god-playing ways had to stop.

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Lesson Learned: Adjusting from Vacation

I love going on vacation, but I dread the first week back to work. We usually vacation for one or two weeks and take advantage of the two to three weekends to extend our time away. What’s bad is the after effect when I wake Monday morning and have five continuous working days ahead of me.

Day 1 at the office isn’t too bad. My day consists of remembering where I left off before vacation, getting updates, and telling co-workers about the trip. Day 2 and 3 are the most difficult days (a/k/a the crabby days). I’m mentally saying, “I don’t want to work. I want to play.” Day 4 is succumbing to my workload. And then Day 5, Friday, I’m saying, “Was it really only a week ago that I was on vacation?” Because it seems like months ago.

This time, Mike and I took Friday off for the first week and then Monday through Wednesday for the second week. We went across Wisconsin to Door County. We left early to avoid weekend traffic and drove approximately six and a half hours to Ellison Bay, towards the tip of Door. We stayed at Hy-Land Court Campground, a private campground with great sites. For the full days in Door County, we went shopping, wine tasting, biking, and hiking. We even hit a Tractor and Craft show just up the street from where we stayed.

Peninsula Park
Peninsula Park

We went sightseeing during the day and relaxed by the campfire at night. I highly recommend going to Door County for a vacation. You need at least four full days at a minimum to visit the different towns. If you want to visit/hike the parks and Washington Island, I’d recommend at least eight days. I would have loved to stay longer, but Wednesday was for driving home.

Lighthouse at Peninsula Park
Lighthouse at Peninsula Park

With coming back on Wednesday, I only had to work Thursday and Friday before having the weekend off. That helped eliminate my crabby days. I was able to readjust slowly to my routine again with playtime in between. The con to this experiment is that we lost having two weekends for vacation time. We didn’t get the full week effect of having time off.

Would I do it again by working two partial weeks (before and after vacation)? Yes. But maybe I need to try it one more time to see if I really like the strategy. Let’s see….when’s my next vacation…

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