Lesson Learned: Adjusting from Vacation

I love going on vacation, but I dread the first week back to work. We usually vacation for one or two weeks and take advantage of the two to three weekends to extend our time away. What’s bad is the after effect when I wake Monday morning and have five continuous working days ahead of me.

Day 1 at the office isn’t too bad. My day consists of remembering where I left off before vacation, getting updates, and telling co-workers about the trip. Day 2 and 3 are the most difficult days (a/k/a the crabby days). I’m mentally saying, “I don’t want to work. I want to play.” Day 4 is succumbing to my workload. And then Day 5, Friday, I’m saying, “Was it really only a week ago that I was on vacation?” Because it seems like months ago.

This time, Mike and I took Friday off for the first week and then Monday through Wednesday for the second week. We went across Wisconsin to Door County. We left early to avoid weekend traffic and drove approximately six and a half hours to Ellison Bay, towards the tip of Door. We stayed at Hy-Land Court Campground, a private campground with great sites. For the full days in Door County, we went shopping, wine tasting, biking, and hiking. We even hit a Tractor and Craft show just up the street from where we stayed.

Peninsula Park

Peninsula Park

We went sightseeing during the day and relaxed by the campfire at night. I highly recommend going to Door County for a vacation. You need at least four full days at a minimum to visit the different towns. If you want to visit/hike the parks and Washington Island, I’d recommend at least eight days. I would have loved to stay longer, but Wednesday was for driving home.

Lighthouse at Peninsula Park

Lighthouse at Peninsula Park

With coming back on Wednesday, I only had to work Thursday and Friday before having the weekend off. That helped eliminate my crabby days. I was able to readjust slowly to my routine again with playtime in between. The con to this experiment is that we lost having two weekends for vacation time. We didn’t get the full week effect of having time off.

Would I do it again by working two partial weeks (before and after vacation)? Yes. But maybe I need to try it one more time to see if I really like the strategy. Let’s see….when’s my next vacation…


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