Character: Gitana Sothers – In her words

Looking back to the events that occurred, how do you feel?

Gitana: I never expected my life to take so many turns after my divorce from John. People ask me why I had put up with him for so long. Dr. GQ. (She shakes her head.) Never would I have thought he’d be so unethical. Really. A doctor? What happened to the oath? The trust? In retrospect, him leaving me for another woman was the best thing that could have happened to me.

She was pregnant as well.

Gitana: Yes. She was.

How did that make you feel?

Gitana: At the time? I was devastated. We tried having a baby, John and I, for years. I couldn’t get pregnant. No matter how or what we tried. You talk about low self-esteem and humility. I was embarrassed for myself and for John. His family expected me to produce a child. They have a long string of doctors on their side of the family. I think…five or six generations. I was the one who prevented the string to continue.

Until his girlfriend came along.

Gitana: Yes. Trish. His mistress turned wife. They married within days of our divorce being final. A lot of good that did them.

Do you think he had other affairs during your marriage?

Gitana: I’m sure of it. (Long pause.) I didn’t see the signs, of course. I didn’t think someone who loved me would be so callous.

And now? Do you think Dr. Sothers got what he deserved?

Gitana: Yes. John got what he deserved. At first, I didn’t. I never wanted to destroy his life; I only wanted the truth and for it to be acknowledged. He got what he deserved. I only had a small part in it. Really. Only a small part. His god-playing ways had to stop.

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