Character Rex Victor – In his words

How does it feel to be a favorite character in Gitana’s story?

Rex: Am I really? (smiles and blushes) I don’t know what to say. I’m flattered.

How do you like being Cade’s assistant?

Rex: I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s my guy, you know. He takes me for what I am. I can run his schedule and galleries better than any straight man around. And, I know his secrets.

What was your first impression of Gitana when she walked into Gallery One?

Rex: Smashing (laugh). She had a little issue with the door. You know, that whole push-pull thing. After that, I hung on her like a magnet. She wasn’t like Cade’s other dates who stormed in as if they owned the gallery and me. She had the eye for art and showed her appreciation for it. Of course, giving me Cade’s jacket and telling me she washed most the blood off had me curious.

Why’d you give her the nickname Wild Child?

Rex: She had a bit of a lost look to her. Or maybe it was those dark eyes and tousled black hair.

And she called you Devil Man.

Rex: (broad grin). She knew my hang-style and what I wanted. She knew I was delectable trouble.

What do you wish the author would have included in the story?

Rex: A chapter full of sex with me in it. But you know, it wasn’t my story. I’d have tickled fun and lots of sunshine if you wrote about my love scenes.

Gitana – Life Plan. Available in eBook at Amazon, Barnes and Noble.


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