Lesson Learned: Second Blessings

The first blessing is having a child. The second blessing is your child having a child. My new grandson is one week and one day old today.

Zander 1 week old 9 8 2013 004

I’m not sure what the best part is (so far) of being a grandma. If I could, I would watch him all day long. I love his facial expressions with the Mr. Magoo wrinkles and when he gives me the ET neck stretch to lift his head in curiosity. And who can resist hearing the sweet melody of smacking lips as he waits for a bottle or watching his cute little sneeze or hiccup. What a blessing.

Zander 1 week old 9 8 2013 006

Or, is the best part watching your daughter (above) as she looks at her child in awe? To see the pure joy that radiates from her face when she holds him in her arms. To know what it means when she says, “I can’t believe I gave birth to an 8 lb, 12 oz baby.” Knowing, how it’s all worthwhile.

I’m liking this grandma thing and having a second blessing. Both of them fascinate me, mother and child, as I look on as a proud mama/grandma.

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