Lessons Learned: Being Prepared and the Unexpected

I apologize for being late with my blog. This is one of those lessons learned on being prepared or having to deal with the unexpected.

Mike and I went camping along the North Shore in Minnesota for four days. Our first campsite was Spirit Mountain in Duluth where I probably should have written my blog and sent it out early. I should have been prepared for the unexpected – like no internet – but I wasn’t.

On Sunday, we went up to Two Harbors to see the lighthouse. We then stopped at Split Rock Lighthouse since we had time before check in at our second campsite. I figured I had time to write my blog on Monday.

Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse

We camped for two nights at Gooseberry Falls State Park. The park is the most visited state park in MN, and I can see why – beautiful. All the buildings in the park had the rustic, old-time feel that I love. The CCC built them in the 30’s, and they did amazing work.

One of the buildings built by the CCC.

One of the buildings built by the CCC.

One oops though, I thought the campground had electricity and water. I was wrong. We had to dry camp. Our RV is equipped, but it meant that I couldn’t use my computer. I can’t say that I was disappointed though. A little R&R from electronics was needed. However, I did feel bad for not getting my blog out. I wrote the first draft, but that’s as far as it went.

One of the Falls at Gooseberry State Park, MN

One of the Falls at Gooseberry State Park, MN

On Monday, we hiked for “47” miles (as my husband put it) to see the different Falls the park is known for. We hiked to the Fifth Fall which is less viewed by tourists but well worth it. Last night we watched the waves as they crash against the rocks along the shore. We also watched the moon as it rose and glistened off Lake Superior. Breathtaking.

So, here I am back to my apology. I’m sorry. I took the opportunity to enjoy nature and here’s some pictures to show you what I mean. Enjoy!


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