Interview with Cade

What was your first impression of Gitana when you met?
(Laughs) I couldn’t figure out why the hell she was dancing around like a lunatic at the end of the peninsula. I never thought she’d be fighting a seagull. After I tackled her, I was immediately drawn to her beauty. And her strength.

I hear that you’ve saved her life twice?
Once. Twice. Gitana and I always argue about the first time. The second time sealed us together.

What do you like better, being a sculptor or a gallery owner?
Tough question. I like both, equally. Working with metal and glass is a great stress release. Taking raw materials and creating a work of art is very satisfying. I’m not a show-and-tell type of person so sculpting is a way that I can express myself.

For the gallery, I like helping new, talented artists get their name and work out to the public. I had a great mentor when I first started, and he helped me through my first shows. I like doing the same for others.

You say that Rex, your assistant, came with the gallery?
True. He was the manager of the gallery before I bought the building. I was actually going to close down the gallery and use the building as a workshop. Rex convinced me to keep the gallery open. He said he knew how to make it successful if I let him be creative with it. I gave him a chance and he’s done a fabulous job. The galleries, including the one in New York, are his success story more than mine. He runs them. I look for the new talent, like Gitana, but she was a surprise.

I hear that Rex and Gitana hit it off from the beginning. How do you feel about their closeness?
They have to work closely together, so I’m glad that they get along. Years ago, I learned to trust Rex’s judgment. I’m building that same type of trust with Gitana as well. She has a keen eye for talent and marketing.

And how would you describe Layne?
He’s the type of person who observes and then speaks. He’s quiet so you know to listen when he offers his assistance.

Gitana and Layne were close friends before you met her. Were you ever jealous of their relationship?
(Laughs.) Maybe intimidated. The dude is muscular. I work out and can hold my own, but Layne is solid. And that’s the type of relationship that they have together. Solid. I wouldn’t want to mess with it. They were two lonely souls in need of a friendship before I even came along.

And you?
I was a lonely soul in need of a plan. Gitana gave me that but not by choice.

Any regrets?
I don’t regret falling in love with Gitana. Not at all.

Gitana – Life Plan
Available in eBook and soon in print.


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