Lessons Learned: The Warmth of Home

The holidays can be hectic. The swirl of events usually starts with Thanksgiving and fills your calendar until the first of the year. You begin to bake, decorate the house, shop for gifts, eat too much, and maybe drink a little too much. You look forward to all of them (okay, maybe some of them), and soon the days become stressful and tiring as you long for some normalcy. When that happens, remember to take some time for yourself.

Sit down and relax with a favorite beverage and listen to some music or the snow falling outside. Clear your mind to appreciate what you have and let the spirit warm your heart. I like to sit on the stairs or on the living room floor with my back to the wall and a glass of wine to enjoy. I turn off all the regular lights in the house and then turn on the Christmas lights. I sit quietly and look at my surroundings. I find comfort in the warmth of my home. I reflect on holidays that have passed and cherish the moments that the season brings.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday season.

P.S. And to my “Aunt” Harriet who passed early this morning, I bid you farewell. I bow with admiration to your spirit and hope you’re kicking up your heels with the rest of the them. I’ll miss you!


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