Lessons Learned: Indulgence

The act of indulging is to yield to the desire of or to gratify. The season brings out plenty of indulgence as we buy presents, go out to eat, have parties, and drink more than usual. I keep saying that I’m going to behave, but I find myself overindulging in all of the above.

Buying presents is the fun one. I like to give gifts that are fun, meaningful, or needed. Gifts don’t have to be expensive, just well thought out. If I do spend more than what I have budgeted for, it’s because I know the person will appreciate or need the item.

Eating is the worse. I always say that I’m going to watch what I eat during the holidays. Temptation usually wins with all the potlucks at work, going out to eat, and the parties. It’s fun tasting different foods or sampling favorites. I used to bake a ton of Christmas cookies when my kids were little, but now I’m afraid to have all those goodies in the house. My favorites are rosettes. I haven’t had one of those cookies in eons. I may have to make them again next year when my grandson is older. I just know that he’ll like them.

Drinking can be a hit or a miss. I like drinking wine and beer, but I’m not a party animal so it’s not often when I indulge. This year was a “hit.” I’m not sure what possessed me to drink an entire bottle of wine Saturday night at our neighborhood progressive party, but I had a lot of fun doing it. Our annual party involves hopping to three different houses for the evening. The first two have appetizers and the last house has desserts. (See above with eating being the worse indulgence.) Luckily, I don’t have many nights where I indulge in drinking. I’m not a big fan of hangovers.

Indulging can be fun. The trick is to do it in moderation. Enjoy some of the food that you like to eat, enjoy buying the gifts for those on your list, and have a little fun partying. Most of all, indulge your heart.

Happy Holidays!


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