Lessons Learned: An Extension of Family

This is Christmas week and a time for celebration and being with family. This blog is dedicated to those who don’t have a place to go or who can’t be with family.

I’ve spent the Christmas season alone and I know it’s not fun. The majority of time, I’ve been able to spend it with family. When I haven’t been able to…I’ve invited people to my house, and I’ve gone to other houses for dinner and celebration. When I lived in Colorado, a lot of us didn’t have relatives around so we made our own family.

For those of you who can’t spend Christmas with loved ones, I’m hoping that you can spend time with friends, co-workers, church members, or community members. If someone invites you to their house…go. Don’t feel like you’re imposing. You’ll have a wonderful time. If you know someone who doesn’t have anyone to celebrate the season with, invite them over. Make them feel welcome.

One person who is dear to my heart will not be celebrating Christmas at home. He is in the military and currently deployed. I know that there are many others in the military who are stationed overseas or deployed. They too miss their husbands, wives, children, and or parents. My wish is that they can celebrate the season together by forming their own extension of family. I know it’s really tough on them, being away, just like it’s tough for those at home. My heart extends to you. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

And for you, my son….I miss you a ton. Be safe. I love you.


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