Lessons Learned: Colder than a Witch’s…

As the saying goes…Brrrrr! The old Farmer’s Almanac predicted the last part of December was going to be very cold for the Midwest and they were right. This morning the temperature outside was minus (-)19.8 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s even cold for January!

On Saturday, we had unusually warm weather after a subzero blast the week before. With the temperature being in the mid-forties, we had to take advantage of it. Mike and I walked the dike in Hudson which is usually too cold to walk in the winter because of the wind coming off the river. Later that night, we heard the winds come in, bringing in the predicted arctic blast. From Sunday to Saturday, the temperature dropped 55 degrees. Our nice, warm weather didn’t last. I think the most severe change in weather I’ve seen in Minnesota is 80 degrees. One winter we had a few days when the temperature was in the 70’s (extremely rare). Of course, the temperature plummeted afterwards which caused the 80-degree difference.

For those of you who haven’t been to the Midwest, you can visit the Minus Five Ice Bar (two are located in Las Vegas) where the temperature is kept at -5 degrees. Everything in the bar is made of ice. If you have a chance, go there. Willow and I did just to see what it was like. The temperature is cold but to feel the effects of winter, you need to add an occasional ten to twenty miles per hour gust of wind. Then you’ll know what cold is like.

blog picture 2

Mike keeps asking when we’re going to become snowbirds and head south for the winter. Sometimes I’m right there with him. Let’s pack up and take off. But not yet. This year, I’m viewing winter in a different light. I know it’s cold and I will get tired of it, but there’s something about surviving frigid weather that’s like wearing a medal. And I must admit, hot flashes make a difference. As many have stated, “you can always add layers when you’re cold, but when you’re hot, there’s not much you can do.”

New Year’s Eve will continue to be cold here in the Midwest (yes, subzero temps), which isn’t the best scenario when partying. I’m thinking we’ll celebrate the coming year on the quieter side. I’ll be happy to stay inside with a nice fire in the fireplace, some wine, and time with my hubby.

Have a safe, warm, and happy New Year’s Eve and Day!


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