Lessons Learned: Chill-Out Time

Tonight’s a chill-out night. I haven’t had many nights where I can sit back and read. Usually I’m up in my office writing, promoting, working on bills, catching up with emails/Facebook, or out and about. I’ve decided that curling up on the couch with a book (a paperback) is just the right medicine after a long weekend of travel, helping others, and fighting electronics. My body is telling me to take it easy, and I’m going to listen.

Tonight’s an unplug night. After my blog is out, I’ll turn off my computer, my phone, and my iPAD. There are many good books on my list to read, but tonight I’ll read one that I’m judging for a contest. I’m looking forward to meeting the characters and seeing how the author develops her story.

And with the wind blowing outside, another arctic blast making its way to the Midwest, I’m looking forward to “getting away.”


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