Lessons Learned: A Fresh Coat of Paint

My husband completed a project over the weekend to paint the wall behind the stove and then to put up stainless steel tiles to protect the wall from grease splatters. The wall, once tan, is now Cajun red. I just love the look, and it lifted my spirits. You wouldn’t think that changing the small area in our kitchen would make such a big difference, but I love the new life that it brings to the kitchen. The task took him less than a day to complete and under $75.00.

Kitchen Mar 2014 001

Spring is a great time to begin small projects like the one my husband completed. After the winter doldrums, the change was a nice pick-me-up. This made me think of other things that I could do to lift my spirits. Spring is all about new beginnings, and March is a great time to make a few changes to celebrate the new season. For us in the Midwest, we’ve had way too many subzero temperatures in the last two months. We need a nice change.

Think about what you can do to lift your spirits and create change. Ideas include a new hairstyle, a new spring wardrobe, going to the spa for a full rejuvenation, changing the decorations in a room, buying a new piece of furniture, or painting a wall or room. Bring in some brightness to anticipate the colors of summer. Buy a fresh bouquet of flowers and place them in a room where you can always see them. The goal is to bring or improve something in your life. Now I can’t wait to start a project of my own. Maybe a new stove…

Amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do.


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