Lesson Learned: The Joy of Innocence

My six months old grandson came down for a visit this weekend and even though he tired me out, he was also a joy to be around. On Saturday when I tried getting him down for his nap, I cuddled with him on the bed. I tried pretended to sleep and he watched me. I then pretended to snore and the little dude started laughing. His blue eyes were wide and bright, and his laugh had a shrill of delight. I couldn’t help but laugh with him. We had our little bonding time which meant a lot to me since I only see him once a month.

I think about how his laughter brought me happiness this weekend. I needed it. Sometimes when life has us drained, the simple innocence of a child can brighten spirits. The same is with a pet. Who can not love the excitement of a puppy who wags his tail, spins around, and keeps saying “love me, love me” with his eyes. I hope you can find a little happiness this week with something simple and innocent. Let me know what you find.  


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