Lessons Learned: Vehicle Swapping

Sometimes events occur when you least expect it or not at the best time. An opportunity presents itself and you just have to go with it. For us, it occurred in the last eight days. Plans had been in the making for my niece to buy my daughter’s car. Since both live in different areas and miles apart, the perfect time to make the purchase and the handoff was at my dad’s funeral in the cities. The exchange was made.

Now my daughter needed a vehicle. She had been looking but hadn’t found one that she felt was reliable or that she could afford. I owned a Subaru Forester. I offered to sell it to her so she could have a reliable vehicle. At first she didn’t think she could afford it, but she made it work. I received word that she and her fiancé would buy my car. The financing was set.

Now I needed a vehicle. I knew I wanted another Subaru. On Wednesday, I worked out my finances. On Thursday, during the snowstorm, I went to the dealer to test drive Foresters and Outbacks. Within a few hours, I was a proud owner of an Outback. I drove home, white-knuckled, in the snowstorm. I was driving about 45 miles per hour on the freeway (my husband claims it was only 15 mph). I was comfortable driving the all-wheel drive vehicle; however, I was more paranoid about the other drivers on the road!

All in all, I knew I didn’t need the stress of selling my vehicle and buying a new one, but the opportunity came up so I had to take it. Even with the rough three weeks that I had already been through, I was glad that the vehicle swapping all worked out. In fact, I think my dad would have found it fitting. He loved cars and understood what it meant to help each other out. Many years ago, he helped me out when I needed a vehicle. He sold me his truck, knowing that it would be reliable and a good fit. I believe us girls bought vehicles that fit our needs. Maybe my dad made sure of it.


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