Lessons Learned: Spring Cleaning – External/Internal

Now that warmer weather is here (we hope!!), the next few weeks are great for spring-cleaning—both externally and internally.

Yesterday was the first time since last year that we had our doors and windows open. This was a great chance to air out the house from winter staleness and let the fresh breeze flow through each room. This comes at a perfect time since we had two sick peeps in our house (my daughter and grandson).

In the days ahead, I’m looking forward to cleaning out closets, changing from winter clothes to summer clothes, figuring out what we still need or want to keep around the house, and what I can get rid of to remove clutter from my office. Now’s the time to ask myself if it’s worth taking up space, if I’m really going to read it, wear it or use what’s been sitting around for over a year. Why keep stuff or clutter around when someone else may enjoy it or if it’ll give me room to add something new that I want or need to add to my collection. 

The other piece to spring-cleaning is internal cleaning. Let the winter hibernation leave your system. Enjoy the fresh air and let it fill your lungs and tickle your skin. I love bare feet and the freedom to feel grass and pavers. Even my grandson had the chance yesterday to feel grass for the first time on his feet and hands. He wasn’t too crazy about it at first, but I bet he’ll love the feel once he gets used to it.

And like Qi Gong, when you enjoy that fresh air, breathe deep and let your lungs fill with new energy. Exhale to remove all the stress stored inside your body. Unclutter your mind of old worries. Think positive thoughts in the days ahead and how you can make changes for a better, happier life. Start the next few weeks with a fresh mindset.

Happy spring-cleaning!

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