Lessons Learned: Patience…Ugggh!

Last week I wrote about spring-cleaning. My efforts were short lived in ways than I would never have imagined. Everything I wrote about – warm weather, cleaning, and finding happiness were all shot out the door. Was that the cosmos laughing at me?

First, I got sick. I hate being sick. I will fight tooth and nail in hopes that it’ll go away or I’ll only get a dusting of systems. Most times I win. This time I did not. I went to the doctor on Friday, and she granted me the temporary title of Ms. Acute Bronchitis. The title gave me some relief as the prize was antibiotics, cough pills, and cough syrup with codeine. Unfortunately, my burst of energy to clean for spring went out the door. My energy…gone.

Second, the weather turned to crap as well. We have had rain, rain, rain. And then we had wind, wind, wind. And then we had rain with wind, wind with rain, and vixen cold temperatures. I believe I heard snow in the forecast for the next couple of days. Unbelievable. Spring is no longer spring. It’s stormy, gray, blah weather.

Third, I am sad that a few people I know are stressed to the max and unhappy. For one of those peeps, a change was forced upon them that effects their whole being; another is drowning under a rain cloud that’s not allowing enough sunshine in to grow and breath; and the other is stuck in a situation that was made by choice and soon found to be a bad choice. I know the cosmos are off right now. In “horrorscope” terms, a solar eclipse is in our folds. I just wish the world hadn’t turned to a darker side so quickly.

Last week I had a positive attitude. This week not so positive. I’m feeling the effects of the cold, some unhappiness that’s hanging in the air, and bad weather. So what do I do now? Be patient. Be patient. One day at a time. It’ll get better.


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