Lessons Learned: Patience has won

My week has improved. I knew that with patience and time all would be better. I wouldn’t say world peace better but enough to make me smile. My bronchitis is going away; however, my allergies seem to be sprouting. The weather turned sunny and a little warmer which makes it easier to go out and enjoy the day. And the few people that were stressed…well some are still stressed, but they are taking it one day at a time with hope that it’ll improve.

For my mom, one of those stressed, losing her husband was tough. Being together for over 60 years, they experienced a lot together. And now, she can’t depend on him to pick up the pieces that her brain can’t logically digest. She had depended on him to know their finances, to work things around the house (like the remote on the TV), and to talk on the phone because she couldn’t. Now she’s overly concerned about finances, how to handle simple things like changing the channel, and how she can talk on the phone in hope that the person will understand her. She is missing him. We try to cheer her up. We spend time with her. We teach her how to work things. We get her involved in events. Still, it’s not the same.

Friday night was the first time I heard excitement in her voice. She called me up to try telling me “something.” She told me that I had to be there right away before it went away. After determining the urgency, I told her I’d come see her in the morning. I brought my camera along, guessing she was talking about the Christmas cactus.

My dad loved his Christmas cactus. He’s had it for many years, and it’s been many years since it last bloomed. Each year he waited , hoping that “this will be the year” to see the red flowers pop out. He kept the cactus near his chair in the living room and watched it every day. One week before he died, he called up his sister and brother-in-law to see if they knew what to do to get his cactus to bloom. They told him to put it in the dark for a while to see if that would help. My dad decided to put it in the bedroom where there was less light.

Last week, the Christmas cactus showed signs of its first bloom. I was hoping that this is what my mom was excited about. I guessed right. The first flower had arrived, and it was a double bloom. I was excited right along with my mom as I took pictures so she could keep the memory. In a way I think my dad, up above, helped the cactus along. For my mom, I think seeing the flower means that she’ll be fine.

Cactus flower May 2014 007


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