In Their Shoes

I’ve drafted a story for my Trillium group that takes place during the Gettysburg Address. As I researched the time period, I thought about the women who stayed behind to care for the farms while their husbands, sons and brothers enlisted to fight their cause. How each day they wondered if they would ever see their men again. How they would survive if news came of their losses.

I also think of the men at Gettysburg who served. Were they scared under their bravery? Were they forced to enlist without an understanding of why they were fighting? Were they courageous and determined to win for their side? Were they in it for the rush? Were they thinking of honor when they died?

From battles before Gettysburg to this day, we have had men and woman who have served and died to protect our country’s freedom. We will never know what it’s like being in their shoes—to know their thoughts, feelings, or reactions when dodging bullets or seeing someone attack them with the intent to kill. How they took their last breath.

They are our heroes. They fought for freedom. They made sacrifices for their families and country. They didn’t hide but took on their responsibilities because they knew what was important.

My thoughts are with those who have died while serving and to their families. For each one, they deserve at least one day. Happy Memorial Day!


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