Lessons Learned: Nothing Can Mean a Whole Lot

Every year our WisRWA Chip Girls go to the WisRWA Write Touch Conference, or we head out for a weekend retreat to learn and ask questions about writing, to network, have fun, and to laugh. We like to invite Jean along, someone who shares in our passion for writing and a long-time friend to the group. Every year, at one of the events, Jean brings us a gift to help us accomplish our goals for the next few months. Here’s an example of what we’ve received:

A goal booklet with inside pockets. One pocket contains goal sheets to write down what you’d like to achieve, while the other has 20 different scene ideas that you could include in your story.

Jean 2 002

Jean 2 003

A box to hold postcards and a matching goal booklet.
Jean 2 001

And this year we each received a personalized box to store trinkets, goals, or whatever we like.
June 2014 Camping and Bday 018

Jean handcrafts each gift, and she does an amazing job with the design. Not only are they beautiful, but they have purpose. And best of all, we know they come from the heart. Thank you, Jean! You always say they’re nothing. To us, they mean a whole lot.


One thought on “Lessons Learned: Nothing Can Mean a Whole Lot

  1. I have all of mine on top of my roll-top desk. They mean so much to me because Jean made them. They’re beautiful.

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