Lessons Learned: House Naming

Saturday night was our neighborhood progressive Jingle Mingle party. This is our seventh year attending and over the years we’ve had families move in and out. Some families have moved from one house to a new house in the same development. Last night I met a new neighbor named Lynn. She tried explaining where she lived and then I realized it was Kristi’s old house. Kristi and her family moved two houses down to the red house which will always be Mechelle’s house. I told Lynn that if she wanted to tell those at the party where she lived to tell them that she lived in Kristi’s old house. Got that? :)

We have the same with neighbors who’ve come and gone. The white house across the park will forever be Penny’s house. The green house will be the Heichel’s. The house next to us will be Bob and Terri’s. It seems as if houses are branded with the name of the original or longtime resident. In a way, it’s nice for those neighbors moving on to know that they are still part of the neighborhood. It’s also nice to know that we know the people in our neighborhood. Getting out and celebrating the holidays is a great way to bring the community together. If you don’t know your neighbor, make sure to say hello and introduce yourself to them. You’ll name their house and yours.


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