Random Takes: Pens

~I’m amazed how many times I write something on paper, set my pen down, and then two seconds later it disappears—nowhere to be seen. I usually have to find another pen in my holder to write with until I can find the other one again. Of course, I’ll find it underneath my leg (if I’m sitting on the floor) or under papers on my desk when I do finally find it.

~I always write my first draft of a story on paper. There’s something about pen and paper that makes a story personable. This is the same for my blogs. I first write them out by hand and then type into Word on my computer.

~I love finding super good pens. I love a smooth, fluid pen that takes little effort to use. If the ink fails so the words are hard to read or if the ballpoint scratches against the paper, I’ll get rid of it.

~I like to collect pens at the different writing/author conferences that I’ve attended. I’ll keep the ones that flow like satin ribbon (see above). The others I’ll pass on to family and friends, or I’ll leave them behind when I have to use one while out (restaurants, dentist offices, etc.). The pens may not be keepers for me, but I will pass them on to help other authors spread their word. By the way, don’t put inappropriate words on a pink pencil. Kids use pencils.

~Sometimes I’ll bring a few pens into work so I have something better to write with instead of the normal supplies available in the stockroom. I do have to be careful on what I bring in to work…just in case I forget to take it with me after a meeting. Anything with hot romance, steamy sex, or erotic threesomes written on the side of the pen wouldn’t be an appropriate for the workplace. One year I brought in sticky notes to use at my desk. I didn’t think anything of it until a month later when I really looked at the picture printed at the bottom corner of the notes. I had to laugh. I put the rest in my bag for home. Even though the picture was small, I could tell it was a half-naked man and a woman in cheeky underwear.


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