Lessons Learned: Blogging and the Las Vegas Area

Last week I was on vacation in Nevada, just outside of Vegas. I soaked in the warm weather, blue skies, and wonderful sunshine. I discovered two things on this trip: it’s hard to write a blog when on vacation, and there’s more to Las Vegas than the Strip.

I have blogged before while on vacation. I will either write the blog and post it early (even the day before), or I’ll write the blog a few days in advance and then post on Monday night. This time I decided to write at the hotel and then post on Monday night. I was wrong to think that it would go smooth. I had issues with getting the internet connected, and my passwords weren’t working. Even so, I continued onward. I had a subject Freedom to Roam. I had what I wanted to say in my head. I began typing on my Microsoft Surface. After the first paragraph I looked up. Half the words didn’t make sense on the screen. Some words had no spaces between words. I went back to correct the errors, thinking that when I typed I had my fingers on the wrong keys. Nope. Still garbled and getting worse. Paying closer attention, as I tried again to type, I realized my keyboard wasn’t working. I snapped off the keyboard and then reattached it. I began typing again. Snap on and snap off didn’t work. Now that I was totally frustrated, I decided having a Monday off would be okay. I called it quits. My Surface went back into its pouch and stayed in my briefcase for the rest of the vacation.

Dude and Vegas M Jan Feb 15 009

The second thing I discovered on this trip is that Las Vegas has more to it than neon lights, gambling, and shows. We stayed off the Strip at a smaller, less expensive casino hotel. Our mission wasn’t  to spend time in the hotel but to see what the Vegas area had to offer. For our first day we visited the Desert Wildlife Refuge where my sister and her husband volunteer. I learned about washes (where land is washed away from mountain water) and the different birds in the area. We also went hiking in Red Rock Canyon National Park. I found out that a moderate trail is different in Nevada than in Wisconsin or Minnesota. Moderate trails for Nevada means climbing steep rocks and searching for the path, while in Wisconsin it means path is somewhat rocky yet still manageable. Even so, I loved every minute of it. I couldn’t believe the rock formations and how deep some of the canyons were. We also ventured to Death Valley. Grant it, Death Valley is in California, but it’s still in the area and was a day trip. Before our adventure, I thought Death Valley was a flat desert with one continuous road. Not so. We were driving through beautiful mountains. We took the Artist’s Palette drive and weaved our way round the mountains. I loved watching the colors change in the rocks. We were there at sunset, the best time of day. Before this trip, I would have had no interest in going to Death Valley. Now I can’t wait to get back and explore Death Valley and the other areas around Vegas.

My sisters Deb and Pam and Dean

My sisters Deb and Pam and Pam’s husband Dean


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned: Blogging and the Las Vegas Area

  1. Pam Snyder says:

    We had a great visit! We’ll do Death Valley again with you. We have a waterfall to explore!

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