Lessons Learned: I don’t want a root canal

Last night my husband Mike was in pain. We had the sneaky suspicion that he needed a root canal. Neither one of us had experienced one before, but we know others who have had experienced it. While I went to work this morning, Mike went to his regular dentist and they checked out his tooth. They referred him to an endodontic specialist and said that the endodontic office would call him right back to set up an appointment. Mike waited in the vicinity in hopes that he’d get the call. The pain grew. He waited. The pain was intense. He called the dentist back. They said they’d call the endodontic office again. No word. Mike went home. He called me. Frustrated. In pain.

I then called the regular dentist to find out what was going on. I asked about the process and what options we had if we couldn’t get the endodontic office to call back. I found out that he could go to any endodontic specialist within the area as long as they took our insurance. Good to know. However, the dentist office said that they would try calling the endodontist again. If Mike didn’t hear back within 15 minutes then I should give them a call. The specialist called back. Mike wasn’t happy. The appointment was for tomorrow at 1:00.

In the meantime, I did my research. I looked up other specialists. I found one in the next town and his reviews were excellent. And they had an appointment for this afternoon. I booked the appointment for Mike. This afternoon he had his root canal. I couldn’t imagine being in pain for another 24 hours if he had waited for the other endodontic specialist.

Ohh-ohhh. Wait. Mike’s in pain again. The Novocain is wearing off. Specialist had given him Ibuprofen but that’s not enough. Killer, throbbing pain happening. Time for Tylenol 3. Let’s hope the pain goes away, and he doesn’t have to go back in.

Yep. Confirmed. I hope that I don’t ever need a root canal.



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