Lessons Learned: Nobody is perfect.

We should remember the saying “nobody is perfect.” But many times in our daily life, the words are forgotten.

In relationships…

Marriages or partnerships can crumble because one partner believes he or she has to be perfect or the other person should be perfect. No one can be perfect. A relationship can become a fine oiled machine, but even the machine needs care or breaks down at times. Why? Because we make mistakes. For example, at times I can get lost into my own little world. My head has so many thoughts racing around that I get caught up on what I need to do instead of having fun or enjoying moments with my husband. He catches me when I do this and waves the red flag. I know then I have to slow down and remember to balance myself.

As a parent…

Throughout the raising a child process and even when they are adults, you make decisions that you wish you wouldn’t have made. You wish that you hadn’t said those words or had pushed so hard. You wish you had been stricter or spent more time with your kids. Some decisions will be right on and you can give yourself a pat on the back. Other decisions may stick with you for a long time. For example, I remember when my daughter, in fourth or fifth grade at the time, was excited for her upcoming birthday party. A few weeks before the party (after the invites were out), she was being a terror and wouldn’t listen. Because of it, I cancelled her birthday party a few days before the event occurred. At the time, I thought it was a good decision. Afterwards, I felt terrible. We did celebrate her birthday as a family, but she didn’t get the friend party. Did this event affect her self-esteem? Was I too harsh? I think I was and I still feel bad about it.

At work…

Expectations can be critical to your job. If a deadline has to be met or you’re expected to work on a task, you want to finish the work and do a good job. At times, other events or people get in the way. Maybe you’ve become sick with the flu or cold and it’s taking longer to recover. Your heads not in it. Give yourself a break. Or, you’re tackling so many different things that you can’t devote enough time to deliver the best product. You have to move forward, tackling the most important tasks and let go of the others. Go for the 80/20 rule. And if you’re super busy go for the 70/30 rule. You have to do your best under the circumstances without getting too stressed and wrecking your health.

Just remember that no one can be perfect. Not you. Not me. The important thing is that you do your best. You may need to be reminded to keep your balance. You may make decisions that you’ll regret later, or you’ll plain flat-out make a mistake. Forgive yourself. Also, remember that others can’t be perfect either. You may need to be understanding, help them out, or accept what happened. Just don’t expect perfection.

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