Lessons Learned: Time Crunch

My husband told me that I have half an hour to finish my blog. Most times I can start the draft, during my lunch hour and then finish the blog when I get home. Today I was too busy at work to draft my blog. We had “Pi” day over the lunch hour. Normally Pi day is on March 14. And this year, Pi 3.14159 was the exact date: 3/14/15 (at 9:26:53).

Since the day landed on a Saturday, our work celebrated today. We gathered in one of the larger meeting rooms to eat lunch and enjoy a piece of pie…or two…or three. I sampled three to coincide with the “3” of Pi day: pecan, carrot, and chocolate. Okay, the chocolate was actually a sheet cake. The co-worker who ordered the cake wanted the baker to write “Happy Pi Day.” The person at the counter was totally confused. The co-worker changed the cake order to read “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” This the person understood.

With that said, I’m taking on my husband’s challenge to finish in 30 minutes or less. There’s paperwork that we need to review, and tonight’s the best night to do it. I have ten minutes left. I believe I’ve won the challenge. 🙂

PS: Have a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!



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