Happy Veterans Day!

Last August and September my son went on a mission near Berlin, Germany to collect the remains of our World War II heroes missing in action when their planes crashed. What an honor to be able to bring those heroes home to their families and to give them closure. I can only imagine the emotions that ran through my son when dismantling the planes to get at the remains and to find the personal items, knowing the pilots had been in the midst of all the fighting. How they were men with families and ones that they’d never see again. I’m emotional just thinking about it.

Here’s to all our Vets who’ve served our country. Let’s not forget them.


New Release

I’m excited to announce the release of my second book The Calling. This is the first book in a trilogy that has Jessie wondering if time spent in a coma is a dream or reality. Please check it out on Amazon. The Calling is available in eBook and print.




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