Well-travelled Nuts

From Hawaii to Minnesota…My husband and I went on a Hawaiian cruise at the end of February. One of the stops we hit was the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Farm and Factory. We bought six boxes of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts to bring home. One of those boxes was for my son.

From Minnesota to Germany to Africa…At the time, my son was deployed to Africa. I sent him a care package with food and items he requested. I included the box of macadamia nuts. As it turned out, his deployment ended early. The care package with the nuts arrived on the day he left.

From Africa to Germany to California…The care package was sent in the next crate with their equipment back to California. I’m happy to say, after travelling thousands of miles, my son received his care package in August—six months later. The gift box of well-travelled nuts was finally opened.

Mauna Loa Package

Beth M James

Author of novels based on strong characters and elements of romance.



Lessons Learned: Weather

In a matter of two days – I went from tropical…


To a winter storm…


I think I like tropical better.

Beth M James – Novels based on strong characters and elements of romance.  http://www.bethmjames.com

Lessons Learned: Getting Refreshed

Image result for free thanksgiving clip artI hope everyone enjoyed their long Thanksgiving weekend. My husband and I hosted dinner on Thanksgiving Day, having family join us for a great afternoon and evening. I then had three full days to tackle my writing goals and knock off some items on my chore list. For the first time in ages, I did not leave my house for the entire four-day weekend. I can’t even remember the last time that happened.

I had an amazing time battling the Morlorns as I worked on the draft to my next book, the third in the “Dream or Reality” series for “The Calling.” While most of you were shopping on Black Friday or on the weekend, I decided to hibernate inside my happy little home. Not only did I write, but I also put up the Christmas decorations, paid bills, cleaned, and spent time with Mike.

Now that I’m refreshed, I’m ready to start the week feeling better about myself, my accomplishments, and happy to get through that battle near the stone dwelling. My characters never get a holiday, but this year I did. I’m ready to rejoin society and take on the outside world once again.

Beth M James

Novels based on strong characters and elements of romance.


Tick Season

My hubby and I own land in Northern Wisconsin where we camp in our RV. Last year the ticks were terrible. This year the ticks are supposed to be just as bad. We went up to Landstuhl (what we call our place) on Saturday with the understanding that the little ticks were out. I was prepared. I brought a spray bottle of tick repellant—distilled white vinegar, water, and peppermint oil. I sprayed myself, my hat, pants, and shoes when we got there in the morning. I was happy that I found no ticks on me after a morning tick check. Mike found one on his stomach. He didn’t use the repellant.

In the afternoon, Mike found two ticks crawling in my hair as we put up the gazebo. I hadn’t put tick repellant on again so I’m not sure if it helped or not. However, they weren’t crawling on my skin or attached. I sprayed myself again with the repellant. No more ticks for the day. Yay!

Sunday morning, after my shower, I found a tick attached to my leg right below the knee. Not too long after, I found another crawling on my leg. What the hell? I think I’ll need to douse myself with tick repellant before going up, during, and after our visit up north.

Here’s to another season of feeling those little buggers crawling all over me. Grrrrrrr.


The world is a busy place with the instant connectivity we have at our fingertips. Social media is a big time hog that can suck you into its vortex.

Facebook: I’ll go out to Facebook to review happenings and the next thing I know is that an hour has past. Really? An hour? I thought I was only on the site for five minutes.

Twitter: Fun way to send tidbits but also a constant eye catcher, wanting to send and review comments. Boom. Boom. Boom. Let’s see what’s trending.

Pinterest: This site is another place that I know I’ll need to visit. Great place to promote. I have an account, but I’m scared I’ll get hooked. I’ve seen it happen with friends and family.

I have only named three of the top places. There are others like Instagram and Tumblr.

And of course there is Email. I get quite a lot of emails per day. I have more than one account. Today I’m going to try getting through all the unopened emails waiting to be read.

I’m not saying that it’s bad. I love catching up on events going on and staying connected. My only request…can we have a few more hours in a day? Please?

Beth M James, Author

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Random Takes: Pens

~I’m amazed how many times I write something on paper, set my pen down, and then two seconds later it disappears—nowhere to be seen. I usually have to find another pen in my holder to write with until I can find the other one again. Of course, I’ll find it underneath my leg (if I’m sitting on the floor) or under papers on my desk when I do finally find it.

~I always write my first draft of a story on paper. There’s something about pen and paper that makes a story personable. This is the same for my blogs. I first write them out by hand and then type into Word on my computer.

~I love finding super good pens. I love a smooth, fluid pen that takes little effort to use. If the ink fails so the words are hard to read or if the ballpoint scratches against the paper, I’ll get rid of it.

~I like to collect pens at the different writing/author conferences that I’ve attended. I’ll keep the ones that flow like satin ribbon (see above). The others I’ll pass on to family and friends, or I’ll leave them behind when I have to use one while out (restaurants, dentist offices, etc.). The pens may not be keepers for me, but I will pass them on to help other authors spread their word. By the way, don’t put inappropriate words on a pink pencil. Kids use pencils.

~Sometimes I’ll bring a few pens into work so I have something better to write with instead of the normal supplies available in the stockroom. I do have to be careful on what I bring in to work…just in case I forget to take it with me after a meeting. Anything with hot romance, steamy sex, or erotic threesomes written on the side of the pen wouldn’t be an appropriate for the workplace. One year I brought in sticky notes to use at my desk. I didn’t think anything of it until a month later when I really looked at the picture printed at the bottom corner of the notes. I had to laugh. I put the rest in my bag for home. Even though the picture was small, I could tell it was a half-naked man and a woman in cheeky underwear.

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