Lessons Learned: Antique versus Stuff

My husband and I had some time to kill time before an event so we strolled through an antique store in the nearby town. I used to love going into antique stores to find unique treasures, but this time I had a different attitude when carousing the numerous shelves and racks full of “stuff.” More and more I’ve seen this happen where antique stores carry any type of collectible imaginable.

This antique store had tons of items for sale. The place was like a museum. I remember the pheasant glasses that we drank from as a kid, the different Barbie dolls, the Life magazines, the hard suitcases, and the stacks of records. But are they really antiques or just collective stuff? My idea of antiques includes those items that were handcrafted and unique. I guess I don’t see items that were produced by the millions and mass marketed as antiques. I don’t have any interest buying the collective stuff today, all though they are fun to look at. Nor do I find the price appealing for those items. For example, this store had a bin full of Golden Books; the children’s books that I used to read when I was little. Each book was priced at $15.00. Are you kidding me? They may have some rare, vintage books on the market, but the ones that I saw in the bin were more of the popular ones. The same books that you can buy today at any book store. I wonder if Generation X or Y feel the same way. Will they go for the vintage stuff or keep buying the best and latest new thing?

Yes, my attitude has suddenly changed on going through those cute little stores. I understand that antique stores need to stay open so whatever they can sell is fair game. But please don’t call your merchandise antiques. I know for a fact that I’m not an antique so neither can most of the “stuff” within the stores be called antiques either.


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