Lesson Learned: Something about birds.

Tonight’s blog isn’t really about a lesson; however, I know there’s one in here somewhere. I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Yesterday, in between the Midwestern storm that produced snow, sleet, and rain, I stood in front of the dining room window to see how the ice coated the tree branches like thick shellac. My husband stood with me and we watched as a mature eagle dipped low as he soared over our newly developed park. His presence was so unusual for the area and so beautiful. This made me think of the other birds that I’ve seen within the last year and beyond that had captured my attention.

At our old house, we used to have an owl perch on a tree branch in our backyard. We’d always listen to it hoot after we snuggled in bed for the night. When we moved into our new house, we had an owl that liked to take watch on our next-door neighbor’s roof. Again, we liked listening to it hoot. The owl was a regular for about a month and then disappeared as the weather grew colder. He never returned.

After my brother died, almost two years ago, an American Robin liked the eave near the window in my office. He’d look in the window, tilt his head, fly off, come back, and then look out to the street as if on guard. I kept thinking of my brother as I watched this bird.

Last year, we had a flock of American Robins in the front of our house. I’m not sure if flock is the right word, but I had never seen that many robins joined together like geese taking a rest before flying south for the winter. Dozens of robins hopped around our front yard and in the park and I could only watch in awe.

Last September, my husband and I went to a corn maze to get lost in the jungle of stalks. In one corner of the maze, in the quiet, I watched as a blackbird gracefully flew close to the ground and in between the corn stalks. He swooped down, flew the length of the row, and then headed back up to the open sky.

These little snapshots have since stuck in my head. I look forward to the next bird(s) to come along and catch my attention. Maybe one day I’ll know why they have intrigued me so.


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