Lesson Learned: All in Due Time

My daughter is ready to have her baby. Now. Her due date was yesterday. She’s been living with us since the middle of July so she can have her regular doctor deliver the baby instead of a new doctor “up north” where she’s recently moved. For her, the hard part is living out of a suitcase instead of getting nestled into her new place with her fiancé. She’s been in limbo without anything to keep her busy. She’s finished college (taking five classes last semester to graduate) and she’s not working (until after the baby is born). The extreme heat doesn’t help either. I see the frustration in her eyes and can relate.

I remember what it was like to wait. I was two weeks late with my first child, and I was in tears when the days went by with no sign of labor. In the last month, you get to the point where you are just “done” with it all. You’re done with being pregnant. You can’t wait to see the baby, you want to get on with your life, you want your body back to normal, and for labor to be done (especially knowing the pain involved).
My only advice is to say, “All in due time.” Whether you’re waiting for a week or a month (two weeks before and or two weeks after your due date), the baby will come. Waiting is a natural part of childbirth and most mothers-to-be go through it.

My thought, this may be God’s way of teaching you the first skill of parenthood: Patience. Trust me; you’ll need it when raising your child.

And remember, it’s all worth it.
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Lesson Learned: Appreciate Opportunites

Today I am blessed with two opportunities.

The first opportunity is that I am able to celebrate my son’s birthday with him. Birthdays are not a big deal to him, not like they were when he was younger and had birthday parties. His favorites as a child were Legos, Thomas the Tank Engine, and all his books. Today, he can easily pass on the birthday party and gifts in order to spend quiet time with family. I appreciate that this year I can celebrate his 25th birthday with him. He’s home on leave before heading back to Germany.

The second opportunity happened this morning when I was able to go to my daughter’s ultrasound appointment with her and her boyfriend. She is 20 weeks into her pregnancy and had a good chance of learning the baby’s sex. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I believe I had an ultrasound done but no pictures and no TV monitor for the mom to see. Today I was able to watch her baby suck it’s thumb, hold it’s hand in a fist, and see it’s mouth move. I was thrilled that she let me share this moment with her.

And we did find out the sex. My “little” girl is going to have a little boy. I loved seeing the smile on my daughter’s face when she exchanged looks with her boyfriend. A priceless moment.

This afternoon, we’ll be heading out to celebrate both. We’ll bowl, have dinner, and then ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery (my son’s favorite place). What better way to enjoy the day.

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