Lessions Learned: Five Decades Strong

Families are important and the older you get the more you appreciate having your siblings around. I’m fortunate because I’m close to both my sisters, and I love spending time with them when I can. I’ll usually spend time with one or the other but not both (since one sister lives out state). On Sunday, the three of us were able to spend the day together.

Debbie is eight years older than me. Pam is four years older than me. When we get together, we have discussions on who we take after (mom or dad), on women stuff, on families, and parents. We love to do many of the same things which includes reading, puzzles, and most of all cards. We play a game that our mom invented and we enhanced. We call it “Damn It” because we can’t help but say the word (or other explicit words) as we play. It’s a fast-pace game that involves a version of solitaire and six decks of cards (two decks each). You either love or hate playing the game and the three of us never get tired of it. The last time we played Damn It, we played for ten hours with a break in between to eat lunch. Sunday, we played for almost eight hours but with a longer break in between since Debbie and I drove an hour to get there.

During our break to go out to eat, we decided to take a short drive around the area to see the farmhouse where our mom grew up. Funny, I don’t remember the house being so close to the road. We also went to the small cemetery where our maternal grandparents, Gust and Anna Peterson, are buried. I’ve never seen so many Gusts, Annas, Petersons, Carlsons, and Johnsons in one cemetery. We then drove past my uncle’s place, a pig farm that has seen better days, all animals long gone. Near his place is the pond where Randy, his son, drowned when saving a father and son visiting from Germany. His ashes were spread across the pond. A portion of my brother’s ashes were spread there too. And last we drove past my grandma’s cottage where we used to visit every Sunday and have pancakes or dupe for a late breakfast.
As the three of us drove around, we shared stories, remembered past pig roasts, Randy and Mike, and mowing the grass at the cottage with a manual push mower. Those times are over, but we were able to bring them back for a little while during that drive and then when we played cards again.

I had a great day with my sisters as we reflected on five decades of memories. Oh yes, and as usual Pam won at Damn It, I came in second, and Debbie third.


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