Lesson Learned: Having something to look forward to makes it better.

I thought I made it through the winter without getting sick. Wrong! Saturday I woke up with a sore throat. Sunday I had a scratchy throat with the start of congestion. Damn. My first cold. Today, I feel drained and it didn’t help that the medicine I took this morning made me feel spacey all day. I don’t want to be sick. And this isn’t a good week for me to be sick. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy (yes, the joy of turning 50) on Thursday.

Rumor has it, the colonoscopy isn’t so bad. It’s the prep beforehand that’s no fun. I guess if I’m sick with a cold and already feeling crappy (pun intended), why not just get both of them done at once. I’m not sure though if I can take cold medicine to relief the congestion. I’ll need to find out because I don’t want to be running in two places. Ha! Ha! Couldn’t resist.

On the bright side, once this week is over with, I will have something to look forward to. The RT Convention is the first week in May, and I am heading there with my friend Tina who is also in my writers group. She is releasing her book “Riding with Love” while we are at the convention. How exciting is that?! Both of us are going to promote our eBooks, learn more about marketing, and meet a ton of readers and other authors. I went with Tina last year as well, and we loved the experience. I need to be up to speed, energetic, and ready to go.

So let the week begin. Let my cold be light. Let the colonoscopy be over.


Lessons Learned: The Good and Bad on Turning 50 Part 2

Here is the second part to my blog from January 7th. Yes, we’ve come to the good. My experience on turning 50 so far has been more positive than negative.

Good #1: I like the fact that I can plan the second half of my life different from the first half. I’m no longer building myself into “somebody” because I know who I am. I’m comfortable in my skin, and I don’t have to try to impress. I can take the classes that I want, I can enjoy my kids at a different level now that they are adults, and I can enjoy weekend nights at home and confess that I like it.

Good #2: I’ve enjoyed building a strong list of firsts (see my blog “Put down Your Guard, Lift up Your Shirt” from October 29th) to start 50 right. I lifted my shirt to a catered 50th birthday party, I had boudoir pictures taken to give to my husband for Christmas, and I enjoyed taking a pole dance class. I did all three with my best friend, which is funny because my husband had wanted me to get those pictures taken and try pole dancing, but I wrinkled my nose at him. My friend, however, asked and I was right on it. She didn’t have to twist my arm.

Note One: Going with friends to share the experience is better than going alone.

Note Two: My daughter, after hearing about the two events, told me that I couldn’t hang out with my friend anymore!

Good #3: I’m wiser. Being at the hump or maybe on the downward slide, I think more about life and what it means. I understand that each person is here on earth for a reason. I have to respect what happens and know that there is a purpose to the events that take place…whether good or bad. I have to take every day as it comes, learn from it, and appreciate it.

Overall, I’m looking forward to what the new year brings with being 50. I’m excited for my book to be published, I can’t wait to travel, and I can wear my wrinkles with pride. I’ve earned them.

Lesson Learned: The Good and Bad on Turning 50 Part 1

Now that we’re in the year 2013 and I’ve experienced being 50 for a few months, I thought I’d share some insight to what I’ve learned so far. I have both good and bad to blog about so I tossed a coin to see which one I’d write first. Heads, I’d write about the good; tails, I’d write about the bad. Tails won. Today I’ll write about the negative aspects of turning 50 – my perspective. On a note, I will put some positive insight into the blog as well. Next week will be the good.

Bad #1: My body parts aren’t the same. Should I say more? I notice the wrinkles and the saggy skin. I hear and feel my bones snap when I exercise or when I get up after sitting too long. And hot flashes are a common occurrence. Yippee skippee.

Bad #2: I just had an aunt who passed away on Thursday. Jeanette was a vibrant woman who looked after those she cared about. She learned a few months ago that she had leukemia and started chemotherapy. I talked to her after the first two treatments in November and she seemed fine. In fact, my aunt said she felt great and that she was going to play 500 (cards) with her friends in the afternoon. In a matter of days from our conversation, she turned from a busy and happy person to bedridden and sick. Her death came as a surprise.

With her death, I wonder how many more unfortunate surprises will strike me now that I’m 50. An old high school classmate died last month of cancer. A friend just learned she has cancer and this is her second round of it. My co-workers have parents and spouses battling cancer. I keep wondering WTF? Why am I hearing the word “cancer” so much?

I then wonder when will it be my turn? Will I battle cancer, a stroke, or heart failure? Will I be lucky and stay strong, keep my wits, and live to be 100? I wish that I didn’t have to think about it, but that’s not the case. Now that I’m “up there” in age, I continue to hear more and more of friends, relatives, and acquaintances dying. I’m not looking forward to losing people in my life. And I think of my parents, how their entire circle of friends and relatives are slipping away. I’m sure they wonder why they’re the ones staying on (especially with their health issues). Grim thoughts, huh?

As I continue on, I know that I can’t give up or wait for disease to happen. I know how important it is to stay positive and appreciate life more than I have before. My outlook has changed as I realize how life is precious. I will move ahead and continue to achieve the goals and dreams that I want. I will change or make new goals. I will continue to grow (in wisdom not weight). And I will appreciate those I know and care about. I will value spending time with family and friends. Laugh, love, hope, wisdom, goals, dream, and wrinkle cream are all good words to live by as the second half of my century begins.

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